Have you ever killed yourself to get everyone into focus—only to watch it slip away the next day?

When people lose focus, communication breaks down, frustration kicks in and efficiency drops.

Executive Advisors in Leadership, Strategy and Execution

Businesses lose focus if leadership, strategy and execution aren't working together — and that means miscommunication, and miscommunications wastes at least 10% of payroll. And we now live in the age of distraction, so leaders must fight harder and harder to keep their teams — and themselves — focused on what's important.

Our Question-Based approach helps leaders cut through the distractions with our 1-page tools in Strategic Planning (SP), Project Management (PM) and Leadership Development (LD).

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Development

Strategy and execution must work together

The short video to the left shows how plans and projects can succeed only if leaders give them strong direction. Our educational video (9:14) shows how we help leaders make strategic planning and project management work together seamlessly.   "It will speak to a lot to CEO's when you talk about putting aside the jargon and getting down to business on one page." - Tom Oakley, Owner, Graceworkz


Once strategy and execution have the same sharp focus, the "executive flywheel" really starts to spin. You'll see improvements in sales, efficiency, recruitment — and margins. More important, you've built a culture that will create a lifetime of opportunities for everyone. See our testimonials for proofs. Please call Derrick Van Mell to learn more.

"We will receive well more than the entire cost of your fees. It's an odd thing; this is something we should have been able to do ourselves but we needed to be shown the right direction. Your program did that for us and for the first time ever we are accomplishing goals at a much greater rate than we ever have in the past. What matters most is we're hitting our goals and achieving results, and we definitely are. (see video testimonial)

      - Jeff Jaeckle, CEO, Jaeckle Distributors

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