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One Simple System.We help CEOs integrate leadership, strategy and execution. Unless all three work together, none of them work at all. Everyone loses focus and you waste time, money and morale. Van Mell Associates knows how to integrate strategic planning, project management and leadership into one simple system of these key executive processes.

We've been in business 20 years and have worked with over 100 CEOs. Clients include American Girl, Epic Systems, Group Health, Johnsonville Foods and Stoughton Trailers. See our client list for more.

We begin by interviewing the senior executives to learn what systems are in place and where they're getting stuck. This only takes two days.

Our clients have little time, so our service mantra is:

  1. Get everything onto one page,
  2. Get the big questions on the table, and
  3. Make every meeting count.

Focus is everything, so we strip out the jargon, paper and complexity. We're there when you present your plan at the start of the year and we’re there when you report results a year later. We’re accountable, too.

"Question-Based Planning was a breath of fresh air, but I particularly value how their disciplined, plain-English approach to integrating planning, project execution and leadership development helped our team focus on producing meaningful results. Getting agreement on critical questions quickly got everyone working together on the big tasks for the year: it brought out everyone's A game. I've worked with Van Mell Associates often and look forward to working with them during the years ahead."  - Tom Oakley, President & CEO