Leadership Development

Leadership is rare. It’s not about soft skills.

Are your leaders ready for execution, growth and succession?

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Leadership DevelopmentHave you ever seen great plans and projects stall through lack of leadership? US businesses spend $15 billion on leadership development every year: Are we awash in great leaders? We need to challenge our assumptions.

While many leaders are also managers, and some managers have leadership ability, they’re not the same thing: A manager is someone who helps people work together, but a leader is someone who inspires people to take a risk.

The key leadership skills are strategy, general management, project management (execution) and communication, but we believe leadership is fundamentally about character — about courage, compassion and curiosity. We don't believe everyone can be a leader, nor can leadership be taught online or in a class. It can be a tough and lonely challenge in this "age of distraction."

We serve as advisors to top executives (see advisor bios); we help them get into and stay in focus. We use our 3C model and 1-page worksheet to frame these confidential conversations and then work on "live" issues: a plan, project or team challenge. These services are adapted to each participant's situation and style.

Benefits at a glance

  • Master a current leadership challenge.
  • Learn a framework for a lifetime as a leader.
  • Be able to evaluate leaders you depend on.
  • Present your vision with confidence, and then,
  • Present substantial progress, year after year.

"This process and plan helped me find my voice as a leader.  Derrick’s leadership acumen has helped me keep our plans and projects on track through good times and bad."  - Ruth Schmidt, Executive Director, WECA

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