Project Management

Execution: Balancing managerial autonomy with corporate control.

Does your project management actually cause projects to drag?

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Project ManagementExecution is what proves the value of planning and leadership. Projects should move you forward, not in a circle. Effective project management saves the CEO hundreds of hours a year. Otherwise, they get stuck diagnosing problems, mediating conflicts and arguing budgets.

Many project management processes are too complicated. This 1-page project planner and "at-a-glance" summary keep things simple. A deck of these simple project plans lets leaders and project managers communicate quickly and clearly.

Miscommunication is the primary reason projects fail.

Benefits at a glance

  • Accelerate transformation
  • Have time for the big opportunities
  • Get higher project ROI at lower risk
  • Help the board or family council stay focused
  • Delegate with confidence

We often start this work by simply cataloging all current projects—not just the biggest ones—and asking managers to make a frank assessment of the time really needed.

"Van Mell Associates' simple tools and quiet facilitation got us moving: we'd been trying to do too much.  Our first project summary showed we'd overcommitted ourselves.  Our new 1-page goal tree clarified priorities and unlocked energy to focus on the big picture." - Bob Wahlin, President, Stoughton Trailers LLC

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