Strategic Planning

The problems of pace, complexity and unclear communications.

How many of your managers are excited by your strategic plan?

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It's frustrating that "strategic" plans rarely produce results and cost so much and take so long. One CEO vented: I just want everyone headed in the same direction—I don’t really care which one!

Too many planning processes take too long, cost too much and produce no lasting results. But without a solid plan, managers and projects will wander. Plans are supposed to generate focus, improve teamwork and produce consistent results. This 1-page goal tree does all these things (click here to view online example). Question-Based Planning answers the three core questions of leadership:

  • Why are we doing this?
  • Where are we going?
  • What's the best way to get there?

Benefits at a glance

  • Shows direction and priorities at a glance
  • Shows everyone how they fit together
  • Traces everyone’s career path
  • Clarifies lines of delegation
  • Keeps directors focused
  • Makes accountability crystal clear

Question-Based Planning is completed in five 2-hour meetings over two months, with no retreats or big binders. Click here for a link to our short book; see the summary below.

"I learned about Van Mell Associates' Question-Based Planning as a director at Sauk Prairie Healthcare, where it's been a repeat success; the one-page 'goal tree' really got my attention. At Culver's, it helped our management team get and stay clear on the key issues. The plan helped us make real progress in every discipline." - Phil Keiser, CEO, Culver Franchising System, Inc.

It only takes us a day to abstract current plans into this "goal tree" form. It's a useful way to see what areas need attention, if any.

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